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Steps to License


Apply for a D2 Pack from the DVLA or order D2 Pack online here.

This is an application for a driving licence for a lorry, minibus or bus



When your forms arrive you need to book a medical at your G.P.

MAN TruckFor this you need a Medical Examination Report (DVLA Form D4).

The DVLA has a leaflet called Medical Examination Report D4, Information & useful notes.



Medicals are available for under £50 from DoctorsOnWheels.co.uk or DriversMedicals.com.

Once your medical form is filled in you need to fill in form D2 ticking for Category C.

Now start studying for your theory test.



Once your forms are back,

you need to book a theory test and hazard perception test.



Once you've passed your theory & hazard perception tests

you are ready to start your training to pass your practical test.


The Government website www.direct.gov.uk has a motoring section.



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Recommended Study Materials for Theory Test


All avaiable at reasonable cost from desktopdriving.com




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